Growth Courses


Explore is a 4-week introductory programme for absolutely anyone. The focus will be on introducing you to the Bible and Jesus. Explore will provide you with an opportunity to go on a short journey of discovery on what it means to be a follower of Jesus. It involves studying the Bible and exploring why we pray, what is faith, baptism and so much more. We highly recommend this to everyone. Explore is a great Next Step for anyone who has recently made a decision for Jesus or is simply curious about the Christian faith. Please express your interest via the contact us form.


The second strand of our Growth Courses is Engage, a 4-week discipleship programme, for those with a desire to explore what it means to be a Jesus follower, even further. Engage will cover such topics as: Christology, an overview of Old & New Testament, the Person of The Holy Spirit, the purpose of the church, outreach, and so much more. Please express your interest via the contact us form.


Equip, also known as our School of Ministry & Leadership, is a 7-week discipleship-training programme. Equip is designed to prepare people for ministry, missions and leadership in the culture outside the church walls. Here, you will explore Christian apologetics, fundamentals of preaching and public speaking, missions, engaging culture, understanding your spiritual gifts, servant leadership, the DNA of a leader, and much more. Please express your interest via the contact us form.


Rock Solid

Are you engaged? Got a date set for your nuptials? We invite you to book in-person and bespoke pre-marital counselling sessions with our Pastors. Rock Solid, our pre-marital and marriage prep classes, take place throughout the year and focuses on life before and after the big day! We will explore topics such as communication, conflict resolution, money management, family life, guarding against infidelity, overcoming emotional baggage, culture clashes and much more – together.

Please express your interest via the contact us form.