HFTH 2020

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What Is Heart For The House?

Heart for the House is our annual miracle offering, over and above our regular giving. Our sacrificial giving blesses our local as well as our global outreaches and resources our church, moving us forward into a new season of pioneering and developing, reaching and playing our part in God’s plan for our world.

This year, as we navigate a global pandemic, and these unprecedented times, we have a greater desire to be the light; to give people the opportunity to encounter God’s love and to express The Father’s heart towards all. Our theme and focus this year for our Heart For The House Miracle Offering is SO THAT THEY MAY KNOW JESUS.

The entire world is looking for solutions and healing from the pain of everyday living and the uncertainty that engulfs us all. It is our heart that this house – The Wave London, and The Wave Global Collective does whatever is necessary to ensure more people encounter Jesus.

This year, we are intentional about ensuring that through our giving, and this annual miracle offering, we will help connect more people to the love and power of Jesus, and for all to know Him.

This year, on Sunday, 4th October,  as we give and exercise our gift of generosity, we want to continue to build God’s house based on His blueprint, continue to establish a church that is positioned for all that lies ahead and to enable others to encounter intimacy with Jesus.

We invite you to join us in faith and expectation as we endeavour to advance the Kingdom of God, here on earth. We Are The Wave! Generosity Is Our Response!







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